Dirty Words: We Don’t Need No Education

Graffiti taken at a parking garage in Reno, Nev. Photo copyright 2012 Paul George. Feel free to share, but please credit me for the picture.

As far as education goes, Nevada has been in a race to the bottom with Arizona for the last few years. As an article from The Huffington Post shows, we are far below average. A report by the National Education Association also shows a consistent pattern; Nevada continues to spend less and less money on education per capita and the results are an embarrassing education system.

But I was surprised as this little piece of graffiti I found next to my car in Reno, Nev.

Our children cannot even spell dirty words correctly. I’m not sure what “pusy” is, but this kid loves it!

By second grade, I could spell all of the good dirty words. But then, I was an excellent student and a young deviant.

If we are going to produce any new Paul Robert Cohens in our society, they are going to need a good education and, most importantly, learn to spell dirty words correctly.

Copyright 2012 Paul George


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