I Can’t Wait for Captain America to Return!

So, I usually write about what’s going on in Reno or a movie review  (because maybe you live in Reno and are wondering if a movie is worth checking out). But I try not to show my excitement about a movie. My goal is to review a movie as is, not what I hope it is. But today is an exception.

I am seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier tomorrow night with my youngest son, 14. I enjoyed the first a lot. The first half was one of the better origin stories in Marvel’s cinematic universe. The second half was a more traditional comic-based story.

What I love about Captain America, in comics and in the movies, is that he’s a good guy because he wants to be.  He has abilities superior to the average man and he wants to help. I think, a midst the tortured souls of the Marvel Universe, he does what he does because it’s the right thing to do.

I know almost nothing about the new Captain America movie, other than what has been in the trailers. It looks like Cap putting his all-American ideals against those who have corrupted the spirit of the nation. If so, I’m in. I really look forward to this film. I hope to have my review up by Friday morning.


P.S. I may have had a bit too much red wine while writing this.

Copyright 2014 Tony George


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