Batman Celebrates 75 Years with New ‘Batman Beyond’ Short

I’m a DC guy. Marvel, which I also enjoy, gets praise from me for creating some of the best comic-based films, something Warner Bros. — which owns DC Comics — seems to stumble with frequently.

Batman Beyond was an animated series that followed up the classic Batman: The Animated Series. Set in the future, it had a teenager, Terry McGinnis take over the persona of Batman after Bruce Wayne retired. In theory, this should have been the worst idea ever for an animated series. However, the creative talent behind the original animated series struck a home run with this show.

To celebrate Batman’s 75 anniversary, Warner Bros. commissioned Darwyn Cooke, who created The New Frontier, considered one of the great DC stories, to create this animated short.

At the end, see if you can identify all the different versions of Batman that Cooke and his crew display.



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