The Shakespeare Animal Fund Keeps Focus on Animals

With less people donating and an increased demand for services due to the lagging economy, the Shakespeare Animal Fund has had to turn people in need away, leaving some Reno pet owners with no choice but to give their animals to a shelter. Now the nonprofit has the added burden of not having an office to base its operations.

“We recently had to shut down our office because the landowner, who originally provided the space free of charge, began asking for rent,” said charity founder Jennifer Webb.

Already having to turn people away, Webb decided that paying rent would drain more cash from benefits the charity offers the public.

“I try to make sure as much of the money people donate to the Shakespeare Animal Fund is used to help people and pets in the community,” Webb said.

An all-volunteer staff operates the charity, which pays for emergency veterinary expenses for the elderly, disabled and others suffering financial difficulty in the Reno area. It also provides dog and cat food to those who need it. In some cases, these local pets have not had food for days.

According to its Web site, each $100 the charity receives “can make the difference whether an animal can be saved.”

Anyone interested in donating to the Shakespeare Animal Fund can call (775) 342-7040 or visit its Web site at

Video produced by Paul George for the Shakespeare Animal Fund and Journalism 207/208 at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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