More prog rock reviews: The Yes Album & Close to the Edge

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I always worry that I’m being a little too self-promotional by posting my YouTube videos. Then I realize, this is exactly what we do on the Internet.

Yes had a huge influence on my during my teen years, and I still love many of their albums. Some have held up beautifully. Others sound dated. So here’s my thoughts on two of their albums.

The Yes Album was Yes’ big breakthrough album. Steve Howe was introduced as their new guitarist. While it features some long tracks, they are much tighter than what the band would do later.

Close to the Edge (1972) shows the band at nearly the height of its ambitions. It’s a huge-sounding album that requires active listening.

I’m putting these on YouTube because I enjoy these albums and want to share some of that with the rest of the world. And I’m a bit bored.