Presenting Infecto!

infectoImmunize Nevada is a “coalition of individual, business and organization partners committed to improving and protecting the health of children, teens, adults & seniors in Nevada,” according to its website.

A friend of mine on Facebook who works for the advertising agency handling Immunize Nevada, posted a picture of the blue germ above and offered a $25 Amazon gift card to whoever came up with the best name for this mascot, who will appear in videos and promotional materials.

I saw some of the entries on Facebook and, while very clever, were incredibly long or too tied into other well-known intellectual properties.

I came up with Infecto, which won, I believe because of its simplicity. I’m happy to help out.

So what did I spend my $25 Amazon gift card on? I picked up Shout Factory‘s excellent blu-rays of Escape from New York and the Roger Corman “classic” Death Race 2000.

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